SOA Graduate Takes Control of Security in Michoacán, Mexico



by Simón Sedillo

Alfredo Castillo, the federal envoy in charge of security for the State of Michoacán since January 2014 has stepped down and is being replaced by General Pedro Felipe Gurrola Ramírez, a US Army School of the America’s (SOA) graduate. The School of the Americas is notorious for training a wide variety of infamous military officials from all over Latin America in strategies and tactics which include but are not limited to torture, coercion, kidnapping, rape, murder, mutilations, massacres, mass media manipulation, political manipulation, and paramilitarism. In 1989, religious based faith groups and concerned individuals created the School of the America’s Watch, an organization that has outspokenly opposed the SOA, demanded the release of the names of individuals trained at the school, and exposed a number of atrocities and crimes committed by SOA graduates throughout Latin America.

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Invitation to the libertarian caravan for the peoples in resistance in the Isthmus of Oaxaca

For autonomous, horizontal and anarchist struggle

libertarian-caravan-peoples-resistance [Spanish original]
December 21, 2014
Translated by Scott Campbell

[See update below]

To the autonomous and libertarian forces.
To the relatives of the disappeared from Ayotzinapa.
To the independent and community media.
And to all those who carry a new world in their hearts.

The accumulated rage in the unsettled hearts from the south of the territory dominated by the Mexican state knows how to move forward using an organizing process which takes horizontality as a way of life as its starting point. Self-determination has become an indispensable part of daily life for the peoples who know how to shout to the four winds of the injustices committed by domination and power; from the indigenous Zapotec rebellions, through the short-lived autonomous process of General Charis, up to the struggles in defense of the land, territory, territoriality and autonomy which at this precise moment are stronger and more vibrant than ever.

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It’s Raining Rage in Ayotzinapa

df-ayotzinapa_1 x carolina

The pain, horror and rage over the crimes committed against Ayotzinapa students last September 26, in Iguala, Guerrero, have fostered national and international condemnation of criminal governments that plan to close all teacher-training schools — and do away with anybody they see as an obstacle to their plans.

On October 8, thousands of demonstrators took up the demands of the family and friends of the students killed and disappeared. In the streets of dozens of cities in Mexico and the world, the same chants could be heard: “You took them off alive, we want them back alive.” and “We want justice and we want it now.”

In Chiapas, Zapatistas marched in silence the same day and called for international protests.

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Denouncing the Arbitrary Detention of Youth


Outraged by the new escalation of repression and criminalization of social protests, Indian Organizations for Human Rights in Oaxaca, OIDHO denounces the following facts:

Yesterday, October 2, 2014, after participating in a peaceful march to commemorate this historic date, at 7:30 PM on Valerio Trujano Street, Oaxaca, on the bus returning home eight members of the youth committee of our organization, one of them a minor and several human rights community advocates, were victims of arbitrary detention of the municipal and state police.

After being subjected to a brutal beating that outraged neighbors and passerbys, they were uploaded into two police vans and under constant physical and psychological abuse were taken to the facilities of the Department of Public (Un)Safety in San Bartolo Coyotepec. Following the intervention of our organization they were released at 6:30 AM, October 3, 2014.

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The militarization of police agencies from Ferguson to the Middle East

Geronimo ji Jaga Pratt

Geronimo ji Jaga Pratt

Many thanks to the Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective for sharing this article. In the wake of the recent murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and the latest intensification of genocide committed against the Palestinian people by Israel with US backing, it’s important to know more about the militarization of the police and the joint training of police forces by these two countries.

We of the El Enemigo Común collective believe that it’s also important to know more about possible ways of resisting militarized police attacks. The author speaks of the point in the Black Panthers’ Ten Point Program regarding the right to self defense against police brutality, but we also think it’s highly relevant to note the successful resistance against the very first attack by a SWAT team in the United States, which was unleashed against the Black Panther office in Los Angeles on December 8, 1969.

Unlike the police attack on the Chicago Panthers four days before, when Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were murdered in cold blood, nobody was killed in the six-hour gun battle between Panthers and the police SWAT team in Los Angeles. Why not? Because Geronimo ji Jaga Pratt showed the LA Panthers how to fortify their headquarters and set up defensive positions. To read more about this important example of resistance, see Mumia Abu-Jamal’s book We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party, page 102.

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